How A Chinese Immigrant With Broken English And
$200 In His Pocket Became A Millionaire At 25 And
Built 5 Multinational Companies In 23 Countries.

And How You Can Do It Too...


  • You want to get out of the rat race of exchanging time for money
  • You have been struggling to make money online
  • You are sick and tired of all the get-rich-quick scams and hypes on the internet
  • You have wasted $1,000s on programs and courses that simply didn't work
  • You are worried sick about paying bills at the end of the each month
  • You dread going to your 9-to-5 job every morning
  • You want to work less, earn more, and spend more time with your family and doing things you actually love


The 7 Vital Factors In Building A Business That Lasts

These same principles have helped me go from someone who was broke and couldn't speak any English to becoming a millionaire at the age of 25.

Thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners have applied these same principles to create multimillion dollar businesses. These principles are proven, inexpensive and simple to implement. And they will work for just about ANYONE.

The best part? It's NOT just about theories. You will learn exactly how to build these 7 vital factors into your business in easy-to-follow steps.


We are facing unprecedented information overload in the 21st century. Not to mention the hundreds of get-rich-quick programs and courses on the internet. The truth is, the number one enemy to our success is our lack of focus. How to focus your time on a system that actually works? I will share how you can avoid distractions, manage your time, tasks, energy, health, and get results quickly.

A Proven Business Model

To pick a business model, you will need to decide what to sell and how to sell them. It is essentially about how to make money. There are probably 1,000 ways to make money. How can you choose a business model that can generate income for the long term? More importantly, how do you actually build your business following a business model? In this course, you will learn the 8 business models that have stood the test of time, and the exact steps you can follow to build a business following each of the models.

A Killer Presentation

A presentation is where your potential customers see your products. This can be a landing page, an e-commerce store, or a physical storefront. To design an effective presentation, you need to know who your target customers are, and what they are looking for. Learn the 4 proven and simple steps you can follow to create your next killer presentation.

Traffic and/or Leads

SEO, PPC, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Native Ads, Media Buying...Which traffic-generation techniques should you choose? The truth is, getting traffic is hard, and not all techniques are created equal. I will show you the 5 most effective ways to generate massive traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

This is about how to convert more visitors into buyers. It is one of the most effective and cheapest methods to improve your bottom line. Find out the 5 conditions that have to be met to have great conversion rates, and see conversion rate optimization in action with real-word examples.


Trying to do everything on their own is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when building their businesses. Many activities are associated with building a business, and no one person is good at all of them. Having a team is critical for building a business, especially a long-term one. Who should you hire? When should you hire? How to hire when you have a shoe-string budget? I will share it all.


Sustainability here means factors that will help ensure your business will last for a long time. You will learn the 3 critical components of sustainability: adaptability, platform independence, and email list. Real-world examples will be analyzed to illustrate the importance of each component, and I will show you exactly how to build sustainability into your business.


The 8 Time-Tested, Inexpensive, and Easy-To-Implement Business Models

It's NOT just about theories.

You will get concrete examples, case studies, and actionable advice you can use for your own business instantly.

I have compiled lists of resources so that you can learn more about each topic, get inspired by the stories, and know exactly what you need to do to reach success.

  • Information Product (Infoproduct)

    Learn how to create and sell your own information product from A to Z in a matter of weeks.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Discover my 5 secrets to making a full-time living with a long term, profitable affiliate marketing business.

  • E-Commerce

    Find out the 7 proven steps to build a successful, long-term e-commerce business.

  • Content Creation

    Five business models packed in one: blogging, photography, video marketing, podcasting, and tweeting. Learn how hundreds of people are making millions of dollars per year by creating content.

  • Coaching/Consulting

    Discover the 4 critical components you need to build a successful coaching/consulting business in this $400-billion industry.

  • Freelancing

    Start a profitable freelancing service perfect for you by finding out your passion(s) and/or strength(s) following a proven process.

  • Handmade Business

    Learn the 5 places you can sell your arts and crafts, and the 5 insider secrets to bringing your handmade business to the next level.

  • Getting Paid to Complete Tasks

    If none of the above business models works for you, you can get paid to shop, complete tasks, deliver grocery, and even drive a car. Although it is sort of exchanging your time for money, you can control when, where and how you work.


"I Went From Being $21,377.61 In Debt With Broken English To Becoming A Multimillionaire In 3 Years. Within The Past 14 Years, I Have Built 5 Companies with Operations In 23 Countries. I Will Share EVERYTHING I Have Learned In This Course."

I was born and raised in a small village in China. When I was 22, I came to the United States for graduate school with only $200 in my pocket and very limited English.

Very quickly, I found myself struggling financially.

I was working 4 jobs at the same time and would only sleep 3 to 4 hours per day. Life got so tough that quite a few times I had to use coins in my piggy bank to buy food.

But thanks to these hard times, I discovered internet marketing, and I was able to completely turn my life around in just 6 months. I became a millionaire and achieved the American Dream in 3 short years. I have built 5 multinational companies with operations in 23 countries in the past 14 years, two of which are multimillion-dollar companies.

I mention this NOT because I want to brag about my small success. I just would like to show you I have been through the trenches and built successful businesses so you can trust what I teach.

Here are the 5 multinational companies that I have built:

Everlasting Footprint™

Everlasting Footprint is a platform for people to preserve and share the life stories of family and friends, those they admire, a group that share the same life experiences, and even themselves, in the form of a private or public Footprint. We have raised about $1 million for the company till today. Our website is in beta version now and has received rave reviews from our users and industry influencers. Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders from Continuity of Life called the launch of Everlasting Footprint "an important historical significance."

Easy TV Money

Easy TV Money is an online program that teaches people how to generate income by promoting affiliate products using Pay-Per-Click Advertising (also called PPC) on search engines. This was the exact same system that completely turned my life around in 2005, and it continues to work wonders today. I left no stone unturned in this course and share everything I know about PPC and affiliate marketing. It is one of the bestselling online courses on PPC and affiliate marketing almost 5 years in a row, and currently has over 10,000 paid members.

Adena Montessori

In 2005, I founded Adena Montessori with a friend to address the growing need for affordable educational supplies in the US. It is an e-commerce company that offers inexpensive learning materials, toys, games, and more for families, schools, and institutions. We bootstrapped the company with our own money, and it has been profitable since year one. Today it is a multi-million dollar business with operations in 23 countries in 5 continents.

Green Seeds

I founded Green Seeds, a pre-school located in Shanghai, China, with my wife and two of my friends 2 years ago as we saw the growing need for high-quality early childhood development programs. We focus on the full development of each child and teach in both Chinese and English. We let students decide what they want to learn and explore every day, and teachers and parents work as facilitators in the education progress. Our school has been a huge success. We are opening our second location in Shanghai, and a third location in San Diego, California in the coming months.

Chinese Food DIY

In 2002, I saw the need for authentic and healthy Chinese food in the US, and decided to introduce real Chinese cuisine to America. After a year of hard work, I published the cookbook, Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking, in 2003 on ClickBank. It had over 500 recipes that I personally wrote and translated from Chinese recipes. In 2004, I started selling Amazon affiliate products on the site, From 2003 to 2012, the site ranked top 10 in Google for many search terms such as Chinese food, Chinese recipes, and Chinese cooking for many years. The email list had over 45,000 subscribers. I sold the business in 2012.


Nick Chou's 20-Part Video Course:
Long-Term Business Blueprint (LTBB)


Unlike every other Internet Marketing "guru", I am going to tell you EXACTLY what you are getting in this training program:

20 Training Videos

Video 1: Welcome and Introduction

Video 3: LTBB Vital Factor 2 - A Proven Business Model

Video 5: LTBB Vital Factor 4 - Traffic and/or Leads

Video 7: LTBB Vital Factor 6 - Team

Video 9: LTBB Business Model 1 - Information Product (Infoproduct)

Video 11: LTBB Business Model 3 -

Video 13: LTBB Business Model 5 - Coaching/Consulting

Video 15: LTBB Business Model 7 - Handmade Business

Video 17: Case Study 1 - Jeremy Ram From South Africa - Multimillionaire in 1.5 Years

Video 19: Common Questions

Video 2: LTBB Vital Factor 1 - Focus

Video 4: LTBB Vital Factor 3 - A Killer Presentation

Video 6: LTBB Vital Factor 5 - Conversion Rate Optimization

Video 8: LTBB Vital Factor 7 - Sustainability

Video 10: LTBB Business Model 2 - Affiliate Marketing

Video 12: LTBB Business Model 4 - Content Creation

Video 14: LTBB Business Model 6 - Freelancing

Video 16: LTBB Business Model 8 - Getting Paid to Complete Tasks

Video 18: Case Study 2 - $156,000+ With 5 Emails in 6 Months

Video 20: Closing Remarks

421 Pages Of PDF Guides

8 PDF Guides for the 7 LTBB Vital Factors

13 PDF Guides for the 8 Proven Business Models

15 Video Transcripts for the Course


Lifetime Access To My Business Mastermind Group

  • Connect with me and fellow members for the rest of your life
  • Ask questions and get help from the community
  • Share ideas, tips, and success stories
  • Stay motivated and hold each other accountable
  • Receive special discounts for the best products to build your business
  • Get my recommendations for the best programs and products


Our Members LOVE LTBB!
See What People Are Saying!

Patrick K., Perth, Australia

"In one month, with Nick's help, I have achieved results which I had not achieved in one year with other programs from other big names in the internet marketing world."

Jeff Elrod, Greenwood, Indiana

"This course is based on real experience―proven, verifiable experience. What's more, he is of the highest integrity. He is extremely trustworthy. He always wants the best for his students. And he always over delivers."

Kwasi J., Grand Rapids, Michigan

"He becomes a true mentor...This is someone who is fully committed to helping you grow your business...I can't recommend working with Nick enough."

Andy Palmer, London, UK

"Getting Nick as your mentor to take you to the next level is the best thing you can do."

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Now if you‘re a little skeptical that’s a great sign!...


Because skeptics become top money-makers when they take action.

So, I invite you to bring all your skepticism along and try my product today at ZERO-RISK!...

That means there’s no risk to dissolve your healthy skepticism and turn it into a healthy bank account all on me!

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Either you love this training and all it can do for you or you won’t pay a dime to try my Long-Term Business Blueprint® system!

Stop Chasing Get-Rich-Quick Scams! Build A Real Business That Can Support You And Your Family For The Next 20 Years And Beyond NOW!


  • q-iconWhat will I learn?

    You will learn the 7 vital factors in building a long-term business, and the 8 proven business models that work for almost anyone.

  • q-iconHow do you define a long-term business?

    For this course, a long-term business is defined as a business that can last for 20 years and beyond.

  • q-iconWhat is included in this program?

    There are different packages in this program. The most complete package includes the following:

    – 20 training videos
    – 421-page PDF guides
    – 15 PDF transcripts for training videos
    – 1,400+ best resources to help you build your business
    – Lifetime access to Nick Chou’s Business Mastermind Group
    – One-on-one free coaching
    – 12-month unlimited support

    – Your 100% personalized, 20+-page long-term business plan

  • q-iconHow much money will I need to build a long-term business?

    It depends on which business model you pick, whether you have a team, and how quickly you are to build your business. My best guess is it’s going to take a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get your business off the ground. But to build a $100,000-per-year business (profit), you will probably need to invest $5,000 to up to $80,000 in the first year to build your customer base. (Please use these numbers as guidelines. They are not meant to be guarantees for this program.)

  • q-iconHow much time will it take to build a long-term business?

    The exact time needed would depend on what kind of business you are building, your level of commitment, and your skills. Assuming you will commit at least 5 hours per week, it will take at least 3 to 6 months to start a business, and at least 6 months to one year (in total) to build a business that can truly replace your full time job.

  • q-iconWhy are you qualified to teach how to build long-term businesses?

    These principles are based on my 14 years of experience building 5 multinational companies with operations in 23 countries. These same principles have also been confirmed by many extremely successful entrepreneurs and thinkers including Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, and Eric Ries.

    Please watch the video at the beginning of this page to learn about my background.

Sincerely Yours,

In the next 2 minutes you can be gaining instant access to a proven, comprehensive training program that will show you how to build a real business that will support you and your family for the rest of your life.

I guarantee this program is TOTALLY different from everything you have seen before. It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, NOR a push-button program that will make you millions. (Such a scheme or program doesn't exist in case you are wondering.)

What you will get is the lifelong lessons I have learned after building multiple multimillion-dollar companies after I came to the United States at the age of 22 when I had no money and no English.

No one, let me repeat, NO ONE, is more sick and tired of all the scams and hypes in the internet marketing industry than I am. Like millions of you, I fell victim to the 99% of get-rich-quick systems sold on the internet, and wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life on them. They are not only wasting people's time and money, but also ruining people's lives.

After reading hundreds of heartbreaking stories from my students whose lives were deeply affected by those scams, I have made it my lifelong mission to expose scammers, and teach real systems, techniques and skills that can ACTUALLY help people.


In this course, I will NEVER teach anything that doesn't work or anything that is not proven. If you don't like what you see, or if it doesn't work for you, you will get 100% of your money back guaranteed, no questions asked.

All you have to do is give this your best shot and take the next 30 days to test drive my program RISK-FREE.

It’s time to stop chasing get-rich-scams and start building a REAL business today.

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